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My extensions & themes are provided as a courtesy. I assume no responsibility
for any claims of damage or loss of data regarding any of my extensions or themes.

As always, my extensions & themes are provided FREE of charge!
But... A beer fund donation through PayPal is always appreciated.

For Your Security...
My extensions & themes are NOT equipped with an "Auto Update" feature.

Starting with Firefox 10, "Most add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default"
This fact is at the top of the list in the Firefox 10 release notes What's New.

If the "Add to Firefox" or "Save to Desktop" buttons don't work in your copy of Firefox,
Right click on "Save to Desktop" > "Save Link As..." > in the Firefox menu "File" > "Open File..."
Locate the extension and "Open". So far, this problem seems to be reported mostly from Win 7 users.

If the currently installed version of any extension works great for you, I'd keep it.
But... If you feel the need to test a new version, please read all of the new features
to see if their actually wanted or needed. I'd suggest creating a new profile for testing.

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