With more choices than ever... Why do I use Firefox?

After Firefox's installation, it looks rather bare. That is exactly what I was looking for,
A browser that I could flesh out the way I wanted it to be... There are plenty of choices at
addons.mozilla.org for Extensions & Themes. This seems to be the most complete source.
Firefox is an Open Source Product, so I was able to develop my own Extensions & Themes.

FoxNotes - Take notes in Firefox & Thunderbird.
ChromEdit Plus - Easily edit user files in Firefox & Thunderbird.
Get Mail - Easily access your computers email programs & web mail.
Toolbar Extras -Adds buttons and features to the toolbar and browser.
Download Cleanup - Restores the "Clean Up" button to the Download manager.
Winstripe/Linstripe Modern - Themes using Legacy Icons for Firefox in Windows and Linux.

Will code for beer... Please donate through PayPal:

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