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Get Mail Plus Version 3.4.10

What's New? Web Mail Access!
By default, the setting is for GMail, but can be changed through the Get Mail Options window.

Get Mail Plus is for Windows and Linux with an Operating System sniffer code
that automatically sets/hides unused controls to (Hopefully) avoid confusion.

Get Mail Plus features quick access to your email program through a "middle-click" on the toolbar button.

Since the total removal of email program access code several Firefox versions back in
Windows, different code is needed to open email programs when you click on "Read Mail".
Get Mail's default path is set to access a normal Thunderbird install in Windows. This can easily be
changed to use other email programs through the GM Options window using the "Browse..." button.
In case the "Browse..." button does not work... just copy & paste the path into the Options window.
To find the programs path, right click on the desktop icon > Properties > Target: textbox value.
Example:  C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe  - Usual path to O.E. in XP.
Vista - Target Path for Windows Mail:  C:\Program Files\Windows Mail\WinMail.exe
NOTICE! When pasting paths into the Options window, DO NOT include the " "

Firefox in Linux retains the needed code to access "default" email programs.
Set default email through "Preferred Applications" or "Control Center".

IMPORTANT! "New Message" is not affected by the Get Mail Options window settings.
"New Message" uses a simple mailto: protocol and should be set through the
Firefox Options/Preferences [Applications tab > mailto dropbox] window.

For more info, see... Changing the e-mail program used by Firefox.

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Works In...  Firefox3.6 - 10.* & Up

Operating Systems...WindowsLinux

Starting with Firefox 10, "Most add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default"
This fact is at the top of the list in the Firefox 10 release notes What's New.