Take notes in Firefox & Thunderbird

FoxNotes Features:

 Firefox Only! - Choose how to "Open FoxNotes" through the Options window.
Choices: Open FoxNotes in a Floating Window, in a Tab or in the Sidebar.
Sidebar use... Adjust the amount of notes that will fit into your sidebar.
*FoxNotes in Thunderbird opens in a floating window only!

 A total of 10 tabs/notes. Starts with 6 notes - Easily adjust the amount used.
"Select The Number Of Notes" requires a restart of FoxNotes to see your changes.
Checking "Use New Folder Location" in the "Advanced" Options tab activates the
"Browse" button and allows navigation to a folder of your choice to save the notes in.
*By default, FoxNotes saves your notes in the profile's chrome folder.

 Each tab/note can be renamed without a limit on character length. Be Prudent!

 Available buttons on each note through the Options window...
"Save", "Save As...", "Open File", "Clear", "Spell Check" and "Print" (Firefox only!).
By design, "Open File" DOES NOT add to, but overwrites any text present in a note.
By default... the "Open File" and "Clear" functions have safety overrides...
You MUST click "Save" to complete the task. Added for the nervous types!
*NOT for the nervous types... Checking the "Auto Save The Notes Content"
option defeats the safety overrides and allows for an immediate "Save".

 Right click on the notes tabbox for easy access to the Options window.
Middle click on the toolbar icon or tools menu entry also opens the Options window.

 Reopen FoxNotes in the last tab open when closed. Works on Options tabs too!

Firefox feature ONLY! - There is a Help button on the Options window.
This is an updatable web page... You MUST be online to view the Help file.
*Also available in Thunderbird 3 & Up...

 Use the "Customize Notes" tab in the Options window to style ALL notes.
To keep the file size small, this option styles ALL of the notes the same.
"Advanced Customization" gives direct access to the style preferences
to add favorite fonts or background colors missed in the "Simple" window.
To add styles to individual notes... please see the Help file CSS section.

 "Copy Link To FoxNotes" feature in right click popup menu on active links.
 "Copy To FoxNotes" feature in right click popup menu when text is highlighted.
When text is highlighted, "Copy To FoxNotes" appears in the right click popup menu.
"Copy Link To FoxNotes" appears in the right click popup menu on active text/image links.
These links open the "Copy To FoxNotes" window that is basically a new instance of FoxNotes
with copy & paste features only. If another instance of FoxNotes is open, it will be auto closed.
"Auto Paste On Window Open" is normally hidden. Right click on the tabbox > "Options" to set.
"Include Url With Copied Text" is normally hidden. Right click on the tabbox > "Options" to set.
This window features "last tab open" to paste. Or choose a note, and click "Paste Copied Text".
You must click the "Save Copied Text" button to save the text/link. (Also closes the window)
*Both copy feature menu items appear in the "Message Pane" ONLY in Thunderbird!

For spell check in Firefox 3.6 & Up and Thunderbird 3.0 & Up...
Turn on "Always Spell Check The Notes" in the Options Window. Or...
Click the "Spell Check" button to activate for that session only when clicked.

 Opens from the "Tools" menu or 24px & 16px toolbar buttons.
There is also a keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+F8 - to open FoxNotes.

Please view the "FoxNotes Options & Help Tips" link below for more details.

FoxNotes Options & Help Tips.

FoxNotes Version 3.6.10

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[Screenshots FoxNotes Window | Options 1 | Options 2]

Works In...  Firefox3.6 - 10.* & Up    Thunderbird3.0 - 10.* & Up

Operating Systems...WindowsLinux

Starting with Firefox 10, "Most add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default"
This fact is at the top of the list in the Firefox 10 release notes What's New.

Will code for beer... Please donate through PayPal:

FoxNotes Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I make some text BOLD and other ITALIC to help find important things quicker?
A: NO! FoxNotes writes to and reads from an unformatted text file.
"Customize Notes" allows you to style the ENTIRE note in BOLD or ITALIC because
it adds your choice of style to the xul textbox element... NOT the actual text file.

Q: Why does "Customize Notes" style ALL of the notes, not individual notes?
A: Up to ten notes... up to ten little sub tabs in the "Customize Notes" tab... WOW!
After testing this feature, the filesize went up 10kb because of the extra code needed.
I choose to keep FoxNotes small and simple. See the Help file to style individual notes.

Q: Will FoxNotes or any of your extensions ever be available in my language?
A: NO! If you wish to translate any of my extensions into your own language...
Feel free to do so. NOTICE... Post them on your own website... in your own language.