ChromEdit Plus ChromEdit Plus

Easily edit user files in Firefox & Thunderbird

ChromEdit Plus is a re-write of ChromEdit... Plus some added features:

 Open the Chrome Folder, Profile Folder, Install/Program Folder & the File Manager.

 I've Added a "Restart" button - One on the CEP window and one for the toolbar.

 The "Open In A Tab" checkbox has been moved to the Options window. Or...
Left click the toolbar button - opens in a floating window, middle click - opens in a tab.

 For ease of use, ChromEdit Plus reopens in the last tab open when closed.

 ChromEdit Plus has been upgraded to "Save" files in the UTF-8 format.

 The prefs.js tab is hidden by default in the Options window.
Please view the Screenshot below for more information.

 Open all from the "Tools" menu and/or 24px & 16px toolbar buttons.

ChromEdit Plus version 2.9.10

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[Screenshots ChromEdit Plus Window | Options Window]

Works In...  Firefox3.6 - 10.* & Up    Thunderbird3.0 - 10.* & Up

Operating Systems...WindowsLinux

Starting with Firefox 10, "Most add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default"
This fact is at the top of the list in the Firefox 10 release notes What's New.

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